Pledge for Practice (P4P)


Pledge for Practice is an annual campaign that seeks to motivate the students of the Taalim community in the United States to involve themselves in rigorous practice while raising funds for needful professional and upcoming artists in India. In 2020, the fundraiser focused its aim on supporting the livelihoods of many career performers and teachers in India which were decimated during the Covid Pandemic. Through a month-long practice commitment, the sincere efforts of Taalim’s students completed over 950 hours of combined practice! Applauded by hundreds of people, the culmination of their efforts was streamed as a grand recital on YouTube with a unique opportunity of forming large ensembles in a digital space.
P4P Poster

Charity Program


An initiative by Guruji Pandit Divyang Vakil, the Charity Program offers financial aid to underprivileged elderly musicians who have dedicated their lives in the service of music and have suffered financial hardships during the Covid-19 global pandemic. Under this program, veteran musicians aged 65 and above are provided financial support in a quick and hassle free manner by initiating direct transfer of funds to their bank accounts.
Charity program poster
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