Gurupoornima celebrates the sacred tradition of Knowledge that flows down to the seekers of knowledge since time immemorial through the sacred Guru- Parampara.
सदाशिव समारम्भाम ्िंकराचार्यमध्र्माम ् अस्मदाचार्यपर्न्य ताम ्वन्देग ु रु परम्पराम ्
Each year on the occasion of Gurupoornima , Guruji’s students from across the world come together to express their gratitude towards Guruji while honoring the great lineage of Gurus: The Guru- parampara. The celebration observes a variety of stage performances and concerts which often consist of Solo and group presentations on Guruji’s Traditional and contemporary Tabla compositions, percussion ensembles and more. Here are some glimpses of a few from the many gurupoornima celebrations that took place over the past many years in India and the United States.
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