Music is a branch of yoga so technically every musician is a yogi.



I is the Obstacle

“I” is The Obstacle What is the obstacle to discovering Ultimate Truth? There is a beautiful Sūfi poem in Hindī: Ek Bastu, Ek Bimb Hai

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In Memory of RāsBhāi

In Memory of RāsBhāi Today, I received unfortunate news about the death of my friend and colleague Srī Rās Bihārī Desāī, whom I called Rāsbhāi.When

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What is sādhanā ?

What is sādhanā ? The word sādhanā comes from the word sādhya, which means “to achieve” or “to aim or focus”. Any intense practice that

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Death (Lecture Excerpt)

Death (Lecture Excerpt) Death is a mystery for human beings. Man always tries his best to understand death. All religions, scriptures, and philosophers have struggled

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Mantra (Lecture Excerpt)

Mantra (Lecture Excerpt) Mantra is a sound formula. It is a vibratory composition. Commonly people understand stutis and ślokas as mantras, but real mantras do

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